As one of the top permanent makeup artists in the area, I know what it takes to create transformative results. My advanced training and experience have given me a deep understanding of the artistry and science behind permanent makeup

Ready to level up your permanent makeup game?
Tired of having more questions than answers? Say goodbye to confusion and hello to expertise! Our one-on-one advanced training is your ticket to mastering the art of permanent makeup.
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Advanced training

Arina Shames
If you're an accomplished artist looking to take your craft to the next level, I'm here for you!
From advanced techniques and color correction all the way through mastering photography or learning business tips - I've got it covered with Muse METHOD. Reach out today and discover how easy it can be to become a master artist!


Please check your local laws and health codes for requirements & licensing needs.

Your Body Arts Permit.

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate ( should be obtained within 1 month from training).

Your beloved machines

Workshop Breakdown

  • Intimate Setting: Limited to just one artist, our workshop ensures personalized attention tailored to your unique skills and goals.
  • Time-Effective: Choose between our 1-day or 2-day workshops, from 9 am to 5 pm each day. We respect your time and pack each moment with valuable insights.
  • Certification Prerequisite: To join, you must be certified in some method of permanent cosmetics. We're here to take your skills to the next level, not start from scratch.
  • Technique Focus: Dive deep into one technique per day. We believe in quality over quantity, ensuring you master each method before moving on.
  • Hands-On Practice: Experience is key. Our workshop offers hands-on practice, and we recommend bringing your own model. Witness healed results and perfect your touch-ups.
  • Comprehensive Workbook: Your guide to success! Our workbook/manual is packed with industry secrets, tips, and tricks to keep you ahead of the game.
  • Certificates Galore: Walk away with certificates in LIP ROUGE®, MUSE Brows®, and FLUFFY Liner® upon completion. Showcase your expertise with pride!

Lip Blush training

Workshops options

Muse Permanent Makeup
1:1 One-day Advanced Workshop 
  • One technique for one zone
  • Brows / Lips / Liner / Lash
  • 1 demo model + 1 model to practice
  • Workbook Manual
  • UNLIMITED Support after the training
  • Certificate upon completion
1:1 Two-Days Advanced Workshop 
  • Two Techniques ( zone can be combined)
  • Brows/ Lips/ Liner / Lash
  • Demo dowels and 2 practice models
  • Workbook Manual
  • UNLIMITED Support after the training
  • Certificate upon completion
After the training apprentice practice in the studio
If you need me to help out with practice after you had training with me you can come and invite your models to work in the MUSE studio.
Models will be charged a $100 fee and must submit a MUSE PMU standard waiver.

So why train with me?

Simply put, because I'm one of the most qualified and trusted permanent makeup artists around. If you're serious about becoming better-skilled artist, reduce procedure time and rise your check -don't wait, join me for an unforgettable workshop today!

Arina Shames

Our workshops are extremely comprehensive, and we provide students with everything they need to know – from product knowledge and application techniques, to developing their personal style and honing their aesthetic vision.

With my training, you will have everything you need to level up your PMU business or work with clients who demand the highest quality results. You’ll be able to provide them with beautiful, long-lasting results that will make them look and feel their best , rise up your fees, create demand and much more .

Fill in the form and tell me about your experience, desires and issues you're having as an astist:
If you're serious about becoming a skilled artist yourself, don't wait – join me for an unforgettable workshop today!
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